Swashbuckler’s CBD Grooming

CBD for Sea Dogs?

Just think how different things may have been for Captain Jack Aubery had he cottoned onto hemp grooming.

But seriously, does CBD provide any real benefits, or is it just a gimmick?

Are you a Cabin Boy?

It is very important when any new CBD product comes onto the market that you do your research before buying.  The CBD Sea is full of pirates.

A bearded salty sea dog can use Barber and Commander oils and balms to achieve the length, bulk and luster he has always wanted – and not be mistaken for the cabin boy.

Buccaneer's need Strong Hair

CBD Oil has long been believed to be of great benefit when it comes to hair health.  CBD oils are chock full of full fatty acids: Omega-9, Omega-6 and Omega-3. This combined with the high vitamin E content increases the softness of your scalp and the strength of your hair.


Help tho

The protein-building properties of CBD and its moisturizing power do wonders for beard hairs already grown outside the follicle. Hair loss on the beard happens because of breakage. Hair strands that are dry and brittle are prone to snap off.  Barber & Commander may reduce breakage for a beard that would make Captain Kidd proud..

Ditch the Itch

Moisture is key to preventing breakage and promoting new growth. CBD is a powerful moisturizer because it is loaded with vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the greatest conditioner’s nature has to offer  An awesome beard that itches really sucks..  Our oil tames the stray hairs and allows easier styling. 

Below the Waterline

CBD oil seeps into pores without clogging them, which may promote hair growth.

Maintaining a healthy wind swept beard  just isn’t  possible without taking care of the skin underneath. If your beard is itchy, lubricating the skin will solve that problem.

Swab the Decks

The oil will not work as well if your beard is dirty. Be sure to thoroughly clean your beard first, preferably with a beard soap. Put 4-5 drops of CBD oil onto your hands; a little goes a long way.

Rub the oil or balm onto your beard and into the skin below. Rubbing the area will also improve the blood circulation and make the oil work better.