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CBD Infused Shave Cream 4oz Jar Mahogany & Oakmoss scent. Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, Vegan. Small batch and handcrafted in Texas from Kentucky-grown, organic hemp, with mango butter, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sea salt, rosemary oil, tea tree, and aloe vera.

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Scent: Smells Like Freedom | 4oz Jar
300mg Organic CBD

Indomitable Shave Cream is handcrafted with natural waxes, essential oils, and herbal extracts.

Rich, silky and luxurious, Indomitable Shave Cream is an experience to be enjoyed and savored! We have it on good authority, it was Erroll Flynn’s go to.
Creates the perfect buffer between your skin and the blade with a thick creamy lather with great hang time. Nutrient rich, long lasting shave cream with beard softening formula for a clean, close shave.
Most shaving creams are mass produced and full of crappy chemicals not meant for skin, much less the cuts, abrasions and inflammation incurred running a cutlass across your face. Instead of petroleum or silicones, we use butters and natural moisturizers.

Commander’s Log

– Cut without the chemicals!
– Handcrafted / Vegan / Alcohol Free / Paraben Free / Sulfate Free
– Thick but light. Washes off the blade and face easily.
– Formulated with natural butters and essential oils.
– Simple Ingredients for a piratically close shave.

Rules of Engagement

Use a shave brush or simply your palms. Either way, it’s gonna be amazing. Indomitable is not the foamy, nasty mess your dad used. This is low lather, so rub it in and have at it.


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